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All About Kitchen Faucets

Many of us probably don’t think about our kitchen faucets often. Therefore, it’s easy to take it for granted…at least until it doesn’t work or starts leaking. Hopefully, your kitchen faucet is in great working order. However, in the event you start having questions, below you will find the answers to some common questions. Also, there is mention of a new high tech faucet and a video to highlight its features!

How long does a kitchen faucet last?
Most modern kitchen faucets last anywhere from 15-20 years. The lifespan of the faucet is determined by the frequency of use and the brand.

What is the most reliable brand of kitchen faucet?
Most experienced and reliable plumbers say Delta, Moen or Kohler are the best brands. These are the best companies for warranty reasons, parts in the future being available and customer service.

What is the newest, latest and greatest faucet on the market?

Delta recently released a Touch2O faucet that works with Amazon’s Alexa. You could have your very own touch free kitchen assistant! The faucet is voice activated and can handle simple tasks such as, “Alexa, ask Delta to dispense 1 cup of water.” “Alexa, ask Delta to preheat the water.” “Alexa, ask Delta to turn off.” All of these commands can be done without physically touching the faucet. If your hands are dirty and need to be washed, simply say “Alexa, ask Delta to turn on.” Watch the quick video below of this new high tech faucet. Delta’s New High Tech Faucet

What do I need to know if I am replacing my kitchen faucet?

Generally speaking you need to know how many holes are in your sink for a faucet replacement. Depending on design you may have to install hole covers or a plate. Some faucets have soap dispensers that come with them or can be purchased as an addition if you want to go from a 3-4 hole sink to a single hole faucet.

What is the cylinder next to my kitchen faucet and what does it do?

This cylinder next to your faucet is called the Air Gap and is not part of the faucet, it is intended for the dishwasher. This is the back flow prevention for the dishwasher in the event it malfunctions, allowing the water to go into the sink.

Information provided by Obsta Plumbing

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