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We believe selling a home today is complex and overwhelming for a single agent to do everything on their own from start to finish. The saying “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” would be fitting in this case. That’s why we employ an innovative and unique business model that serves the best interests of our Clients. We utilize a UNIQUE TEAM approach, all working together to more effectively achieve our Sellers’ three primary objectives.

  1. Maximize the sales Price
  2. Shorten the “days on Market”
  3. Receive A Rewarding Experience

There really is a difference at Roller Realty and we want you to experience the difference. So, let’s review why our superior service is the right choice for you.

Accurate Market


Choosing a Listing Price that is too high, or too low can be a costly mistake. So, simply running “comp’s” using limited basics such as size and number of bedrooms and baths is not adequate. Instead, we analyze a complex set of factors and dynamic market conditions to establish a much more accurate market analysis. This extensive list includes:

  • Curb appeal
  • Style of home
  • Single or 2-Story
  • Age
  • Size of Lot
  • View
  • Location (cul-de -sac/ busy road)
  • Floor plan
  • Direction home faces
  • Odors
  • Light & bright
  • Updated or not
  • Color palette
  • Finishes
  • Appliance package
  • Energy efficiency
  • Condition
  • Condition of neighbors’ homes
  • Pets
  • Seller’s furnishings

In addition, we examine market conditions that affect Buyers

  • The economy
  • Interest rates
  • Price of oil
  • Number of relocations
  • Amount of New Homes
  • Total amount of supply
  • Average days on market
  • Consumer confidence
Free Expert Staging,
Updating and

Remodeling Services

staged homes sell

faster and for up to
20% more

We specialize in transforming your home to increase your Sales Price by thousands, if not, tens of thousands of dollars. We also reduce the “Days on Market”. Importantly, this valuable service is at NO COST to you.

Our on-staff professional Designer is highly skilled in the art of staging your home by employing strategic furniture placement, decor arrangement and defining key features of your home. If needed, we also have a large warehouse stocked full of accessories and a van to deliver them to make your home look its absolute best.

As vital as staging is to sell your home, there are times when homes also may need to be updated to meet current trends and Buyer demands. Our team are experts at handling everything for you, from cosmetic updating to extensive remodeling. We determine the scope of the work, obtain highly competitive estimates from our contractors, choose the selections and then supervise the work. We provide the same services as design and construction company’s do, only at NO COST to you.

Professional Photography

& Imagery

In seconds, Buyers determine which home they want to visit based solely on the photos they see. To make your home irresistible, our team creates an unequaled presentation of your home by employing a variety of different imagery techniques, coupled with the latest technologies.

In addition to high quality digital photography, we also use drone imagery to capture a birds-eye view of your home and high-tech Matterport 3-D technology to provide Buyers with state-of-the-art virtual tours. This combination of land-based photography, aerial and high-tech videography increases the Buyer’s motivation to visit home and to keep it fresh in their minds afterwards.

All of the above is at NO COST to you.

High Impact


Because Buyers typically see multiple homes, it’s critical that they remember yours, and long after their visit. Brochures, then are an essential element to marketing your home. To display your home at its absolute best, our on-staff, graphic artist creates custom designed, 16-page, full color, magazine-quality brochures that provide an unsurpassed presentation of your home. They are an impressive visual culmination of professional photos (aerial and 3-D) and QR technology coupled with powerful emotive and informative text.

Creative & Worldwide


The most fundamental task for an Agent to accomplish, is to attract as many qualified Buyers, as the market allows. Simply stated, no one does more, and no one invests more to sell your home than Roller Realty.

To reach Buyers from anywhere they are in the world, our Marketing coordinator employs a multitude of diverse marketing mediums. This includes:




  • Numerous Search Engines (HAR, Zillow, Realtor.Com, Our Website)
  • 18,000 New Listing Flyers
  • High Tech 3-D Matterport Tours
  • CirclePix Video Slide Shows
  • 16-page Magazine Quality Brochures
  • Video Emails
  • Internet marketing (Constant Contact, Bomb Bomb)
  • YouTube
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Print Advertising (Billboards, Newsletters, The Ad Sheet, etc.)
  • Impressive, 6-foot tall “For Sale” Signs
  • Billboard
  • Grocery Cart Advertising
  • Networking with other Agents
  • Large referral base
  • QR Technology
  • Sponsorships of Local Businesses



Upon receiving an Offer, expertise in negotiating becomes paramount. At Roller Realty, our Agents are highly skilled negotiators that enabling our Sellers to net thousands of dollars more from the sale of their property. Additionally, they also negotiate:

  • Amount of the Earnest Money
  • Option Period
  • Closing Date and Time
  • Inspection Repair Items
  • Title Company
  • Survey Cost
  • Personal Property
  • Lease-Back Rate and Terms
  • Contingencies
  • Mineral Rights


At Roller Realty, we sincerely value our clients, and are vigilant about making the Closing process a positive and rewarding one. We accomplish this by making sure the Buyer remains qualified, addressing any title issues that may arise and by working assertively to make sure your home appraises.

For added convenience, we also assist with any last-minute repairs, transferring utilities, recommending the best movers, and finding a rental if necessary. We also coordinate Closing times, courtesy Closings if needed and obtaining POA’s to ensure a seamless Closing. If you have already vacated your home, we gladly coordinate and supervise periodic cleaning, yard maintenance, and pool servicing.



As a small boutique office, your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and that is why we strive to provide an unparalleled level of service to our Clients. Our success is easily measured though; simply by how satisfied you are when you walk out of Closing.

The results speak for themselves, with almost all our business coming from referrals. And, even though we are a small boutique office, our brokers, unique team concept enables Mike to be annually recognized by the Houston Business Journal as one of the “Top 10” Realtors, ranks as one of the “Top Agents in Texas,” and is recognized by Real Trends as one of the “Best Agents in the Nation”.

Not yet convinced? Just read any of the hundreds of our Client Reviews.



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