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Perhaps Your Most Important First Step

These monthly updates are intended to provide insight into the market. Yet, one important criterion is absent. That’s who was chosen as the Agent. Just like no two financial advisors produce the same results, neither do any two Agents.  So, ...

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Any Surprises for April?

April Results for Zip Code 77441 

You will notice that this is a new format that is intended to provide more factual insight into the market, yet easier to see. Since the market is driven by the fundamentals of Supply and Demand, th...

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What Happened in March?

March Results for Zip Code 77441 
In almost any other area of Houston, Resales dominate the market, and the New Homes have very little impact. Not so here! Most Buyers want New, and this pie chart shows the number of Available homes and how...

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February 2023 Market Update

February Results for Zip Code 77441 
Everywhere you look, you can’t help but notice the impressive amounts of New Homes being built. Definitely changing Fulshear! And, of the 208 Available homes on the market, this pie chart offers a quic...

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Fulshear Area Update February 2023

Fulshear Area Update

This 175-acre New Home community is just breaking ground with homes slated to start selling mid-summer. It’s located in the rapidly developing FM 359 corridor just north of Rogers Road and just south of H...

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