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Best Paint Colors for Exterior Painting

Moving into the new year, many homeowners may want to update their homes. Either for personal reasons or to prepare to list their homes. Here are the ten best gray tones for paint colors (these work great on the inside too!)

Domain Decoratin...

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Is the Housing Market Going to Crash?

July Housing Report
This is a very unique time in history, especially for our local housing market. With rapidly rising prices, could this be a repeat of the “Crash” of 2008?
 Watch the video below to find out.  

What About A...

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August 2020 – Video for Fulshear/Katy Market

August 2020 Video Market Update
August Housing Report​
A CONTINUING TREND for Zip Code 77441

Who would have possibly thought that Covid-19 would turn out to be a stimulus to the housing market? Especially, with high unemployme...

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All About Kitchen Faucets

Many of us probably don't think about our kitchen faucets often. Therefore, it's easy to take it for least until it doesn't work or starts leaking. Hopefully, your kitchen faucet is in great working order. However, in the event you...

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