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Interesting Facts

July Housing Report
July Results for Zip Code 77441
As the below indicates, the trend lines unite to support that the market is slowing. Yet, it’s just doing so from record breaking highs. Notice the “Months of Supply”. As insight, a ...

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Warning for Sellers

June Housing Report
FIRST, GOOD NEWS, you’ll not have to watch my video this month! To obtain a clearer picture of what is happening to the market though, simply look at the chart below.
You’ll note that Active Listings have trended co...

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Dramatic Changes in the Market!

May Results for Zip Code 77441
​As mentioned in the above video, the market changed dramatically since last month. As indicated below, Active inventory rose over 32%. Welcomed news for Buyers, yet also an indication for Sellers on why ...

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March Housing Report

March Results for Zip Code 77441
​The number of Available homes in March did not decline, as it had been trending in preceding months. A bit of good news for Buyers. However, prices are still increasing, homes are sel...

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More Development in Fulshear

New Developments in Fulshear – Incredible!
It seems it was only a few weeks ago since my last update, so I’m amazed by the impressive amount of development that is occurring in Fulshear. More dramatic is how our quaint small town is tran...

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Has the Real Estate Market Changed?

February Housing Report

February Results for Zip Code 77441
​The number of available homes is disappearing! This is not good news for Buyers trying to find a home they like, at a price they find reasonable and one without multiple Off...

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