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Pet Friendly Gardening Tips

Love gardening? Love your pet? With summer approaching, our backyard landscapes and furry friends can sometimes be caught into a faceoff. It’s important to keep your pet’s needs in mind when plann...

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Plants Worth the Time & Money for Your Backyard

With summer approaching, it is helpful to know what plants are the best use of your time and money. Here are a few plants that are sure not to disappoint any home in Weston Lakes, Fullbrook or any Fulshear area!
• Annuals
These are a tradit...

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Three Simple Ways to Add Color to Your Home

A wonderful way to create some life to a room is by adding pops of vibrant colors or eclectic patterns. Not only does it speak to the eyes, but it gives the room some personality!
• Throw Pillows
Adding some throw pillows is a quick to add...

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Four Ways to Organize & Clean Your Kitchen Cabinents

Spring cleaning is a fantastic way to clear that clutter and help restore that renewed feeling! First, start by planning ahead. Before you start dumping out all your spices and pans, begin by writing categories on sticky notes and placing them ...

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Hottest Design Colors of 2014

With winter behind us and spring on our minds, it might just be the perfect time to spice up your Fulshear home! The newest color trends of the year include elements of neutrality with pops of freshness. This new fresh palette of colors is sure...

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How Affordable is Houston?

Interest rates are rising and home prices are soaring in certain cities, so how affordable is the average home? Using the latest data for median home prices and the average interest rate for 30-year fixed rate mortgages, the chart below shows h...

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The Future Is Coming – New Technology for the Home

Have you ever poured yourself a bowl of cereal and then gone to the refrigerator to get the milk, only to find out that your child had finished it off and didn't even bother to tell you? Well, I just may have the answer for you.  LG introduced...

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Economic Momentum Moves Houston Towards the Top

Houston and neighboring metro cities have once again hit Forbes list of “The US Regions to Watch in 2014”, and was based on their strong economic momentum heading into 2014. The list was compiled by Praxis Strategy Group who looked at 8 met...

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